Wait.  What?  Yes that says week 6.  It should be week 7 but last week was a crap storm.  I’m still listening to week 6.  Then I have to catch up.  At least I have some time off next week if I don’t complete the task this week.

Lost a bunch in the market.  Frustrated.  One losing trade wiped out about 10-15 winners.  I cancelled my subscription to that site.  Then my computer had spyware on it.  Great. I get so waste 3-5 hours cleaning up some crap all without internet access.

Nothing went as planned and I was ready to quit.

Add to the list of crap was a notice that I was one of the 40 million who had their identity compromised by the U.S. government.

Readings.  I did ZERO.

I did receive a compass and magnifying glass from my mentors.  Many thanks and cool.  Although right now I feel as if my compass is over the Bermuda triangle.

So no pictures or video this week as I need to refocus.