No Opinions.  I remember that when I took the course last year.  It was tough but it avoids arguments. You are not allowed to give an opinion for one week.  Try it.

Anyhow, I was watching a webinar this week and the guy was selling a course I didn’t buy at this time.  The cool part is what I learned in the presentation.  I subscribe to his site for trades to make in the stock market.  123 out of 127 this year were winners.  98.6%.  Average weekly gain 5.57%.  Start with $10,000 and earn 5% a week and in 3 years I’d be retired.  Heck go conservative using 3% and in 5 years I could say F you.  Why F you?

Watch this clip from the gambler and you’ll understand.  $20 million is my F you number.  What’s yours?