Wow what a week.  I hear fold in HI got a scare about some income ICBM’s.  It reminded me of my blog I haven’t touched in 2 years.  Been busy with life but may have to login and review the course material again.

Going to be looking at a cryptocurrency opportunity this week.  Already involved in two of them.


Interesting selection of movies.   They all seem to have a hero’s journey.

I watched Rudy years ago.  Cool Runnings was ok.

I found a Good Lie depressing.  All those people without the opportunities we have here in America.  So I chose a 2nd movie.  Wild.

We all have our own journey in life.  We can even take the same trail but will still have different experiences.  It’s how we grow, learn, grieve and live.


Yup I’m playing catch up.  I feel like a college kid cramming for a final.

Ok 1 week I just took a much needed break.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  Throw in a week of being sick and holidays and 3 weeks have gone by.

I’m actually re-writing my DMP to include “I read my DMP three times a day”.

Some weeks I wish we met every other week for us slower folks.  Perhaps future classes could have a fast and slow track.

Well this isn’t much but it’s a start in the right direction.  Hopefully I will have watched a movie and blog week 14 later.

Got to work on my 30 index cards.  Yikes.

Really that is how I felt on the way home today.  I looked at my goals and my stock brokerage accounts.  Picks I paid for did worse than ones I did on my own.  I’m frustrated and really doubting this mumbo jumbo Master Mind program.

Gonna take a break for a day or two to just relax and not worry about my exercises.  If I get em done fine.  If not too bad.  I hope in 8 weeks or so when I do hit my goals I’ll see this as just a stumbling block.  Right now it sucks.

Maybe I’m just tired and crabby.

We all have choices.  Get up earlier.  I’ve been too tired.  I didn’t realize how mentally exhausted I was until I had a day off.

Tired of re-writing my DMP but I get it.  If I had health DMP I wouldn’t need to write it.  I’d just do it.  I wouldn’t have to write down that I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. I have had that habit for years and I don’t even think of it.  Right now it is not important to me so I have no gym membership.

My financial goals I have are new to me.  Something I never planned out.  It’s interesting how I am about 2-3 weeks behind on my homework, blog posts and listening to the webinars.  Guess where my brokerage account balance is?  Yup.  I’m just hitting my goal from about 2-3 weeks ago.  hmmmm

Now if I can just watch more that 20 minutes before falling asleep.

Sorry id this blog is all over the place this week but I did 3 weeks in about a day and 1/2.  I still have to re-write DMP and do my homework/exercises but the time consuming thing of watching the webinars is done.

I feel like a dang dieter who restarts their diet every 2-3 days.

Made some changes in my trading after losing a large account a few weeks ago and am happy with the results.  Almost all of my trades have resulted in me doubling the amount invested.  Most within 2-4 days so I can continue to work and not be glued to the computer.

Time for a nap then on to my dream board and exercises.

Wait.  What?  Yes that says week 6.  It should be week 7 but last week was a crap storm.  I’m still listening to week 6.  Then I have to catch up.  At least I have some time off next week if I don’t complete the task this week.

Lost a bunch in the market.  Frustrated.  One losing trade wiped out about 10-15 winners.  I cancelled my subscription to that site.  Then my computer had spyware on it.  Great. I get so waste 3-5 hours cleaning up some crap all without internet access.

Nothing went as planned and I was ready to quit.

Add to the list of crap was a notice that I was one of the 40 million who had their identity compromised by the U.S. government.

Readings.  I did ZERO.

I did receive a compass and magnifying glass from my mentors.  Many thanks and cool.  Although right now I feel as if my compass is over the Bermuda triangle.

So no pictures or video this week as I need to refocus.

Wow What a week. I got an extra hour of sleep so actually listened to the webinar live this week instead of the recording.

Next habit is to continue reading DMP.

Yeah, rather than get upset because I missed a reading I’ll just do my best. If I miss one so what. Just pick up where I left off. I often miss the morning one and since the day isn’t perfect I’ll skip the entire day.

Now that I know how to turn $10,000 into $2,000,000 and even $20,000,000 it’s just a matter of time and consistency to get there. If I don’t complete it in three years I know I can do it in 5. Larry Williams turned $10,000 into $1,000,000 in a year so my goals are very conservative.

One of the sites I subscribe to lowered the price of one of their subscriptions from $599 a month to $149 a month. Talk about the universe getting into alignment for me. AWESOME! The I can’t afford it excuse has just been blown out of my way.

Now I have to go find my compass.

No Opinions.  I remember that when I took the course last year.  It was tough but it avoids arguments. You are not allowed to give an opinion for one week.  Try it.

Anyhow, I was watching a webinar this week and the guy was selling a course I didn’t buy at this time.  The cool part is what I learned in the presentation.  I subscribe to his site for trades to make in the stock market.  123 out of 127 this year were winners.  98.6%.  Average weekly gain 5.57%.  Start with $10,000 and earn 5% a week and in 3 years I’d be retired.  Heck go conservative using 3% and in 5 years I could say F you.  Why F you?

Watch this clip from the gambler and you’ll understand.  $20 million is my F you number.  What’s yours?

Lots of insights this week.

  1.  Money is currency.  Like a river flowing.  You need to keep it moving by giving.


I realize I can direct that current and have as much money flow to me as needed by working my DMP.

2.  I thought it was funny.  On the call Mark said build a bridge and get over it.  Can’t wait to use that phrase.


I find it easier to sit and focus for my 15 minutes after I have re-written my DMP for the week.  I feel less pressure/stress. I’ve missed most of them but will start with a goal of reading my DMP TID.  Next week I’ll add the goal of reading my scroll.  The following the Master key.  Yeah I may be going backwards but perhaps baby steps will help me.  I tried to get up earlier but that didn’t work.  I need sleep.

Ok here it is.  After doing my homework this week on time I rewarded myself with some TV time.  Watched the show Limitless.  If you never watched it basically the guy takes a pill and is super smart for about 12 hours then crashes.  Of course he creates a new problem and needs another pill for the next day.

My Master Mind course is similar.  I can create what I want and I don’t even have to take the pill.  I just need to do my readings and exercises.  I can change my DMP (Definite Mental Purpose) any time I want.

I set one goal of over $130,000 in one of my investment accounts by Feb 13, 2016.  Once I do that I can set a goal of a million, 10 million or 20 million.  It doesn’t cost more to write down 20 million instead of 10 million so think big.

I’m doing my readings now and making the time to sit for 15 minutes.

Although I like the karate kid analogy in the lesson this week did you ever look at the Karate Kid as the real bully?